A Special Invitation


Since I have been doing this project, I have been contacted by so many individuals who need all forms of help.  I am always happy to oblige — why?  Because once upon a time, people were there for me.  My journey down this road began many years ago, when I first started a blog on Achondroplasia. It was more for fun than anything. It wasn’t long before my inbox was filled with messages from all over the world.  There were so many questions, I felt a certain joy in being able to answer them.  Then they became deeper and more serious. The word spread and organizations, as well as people, were contacting me.  Soon, the majority of people looking for help or advice had nothing to do with dwarfism.  Even more odd, they did not know that I was involved in dwarfism awareness.  Now, many people contact me who are looking for ways to help others.  People who have found a need and a passion to fill it, but lack either direction or means.

DSC03082a_small (2)

I believe we subconsciously place ourselves on the path we feel we need to be on.  Most likely to fulfill some need we ourselves have.  I am honored to be considered worthy of advice by so many. Each is so important and lies in my heart.  Because of this DwarfAware project, I have met so many wonderful contacts in so many different fields.  This has allowed me to help more and more of the people who contact me.

Still, I am only one person.

I’m a mom, a homeschool teacher, and I run this awareness project.

But I am nothing if not creative:

I would like to invite those who also have a love of people, as well as the means and passion to better the world to join me in a special private network.  It is for philanthropic interests only.  If you would like to know more, please contact me at or on the “Get Involved” page.   All names will be kept confidential.

Thank you!


If the world ran on favors, we’d all have something to give. –JP