The Plan

At first, I was not sure what “the plan” would be.  I had a lot of ideas, but nothing concrete.  I decided to put it in motion and watch it unfold.  A simple notion will manifest itself into actuality if given the opportunity.  So I gave it one; by telling a few people.  Instead of a snowball effect, this notion has spread out in many different directions mostly because each person had a different idea of what this should be.  When combined, those ideas become more of a description; they form a plan, a path.  So, I will follow it and serve it best I can.

That day when my son and I talked, I changed inside.  It put me in a new direction once again, on a new path to keep my promise.  I want to help others in changing the way people see Little People.   As he grows, I see the struggles LPs have with getting jobs, and being accepted.  For example, there is yet another movie recently released whose production company hired average stature actors to play the parts of dwarfs, (with the help of computers).  What a horrible waste of wonderful, able-bodied talent.  I want to level the playing field for my boy and his generation.   I would like the general public to get used to seeing Little People to the point where it doesn’t matter anymore; because it shouldn’t matter.  Dwarfisms are rare conditions, so naturally people are curious, or afraid, or anxious around a person with short stature.  I was at first.  I’d never met a Little Person until I met my son.  Now, it is normal for me, as it should be for everyone.  I do believe that one day soon, it will be.

My plan is to have awareness events, not just in Chicago, but everywhere.  So that every city and town in America, has seen a little person, and realize they have a lot in common.  I want to focus on the similarities instead of the differences.  I want to promote job fairs in cities.  I want “come play with me” events in towns from sea to sea, where boys and girls of all shapes and sizes can play together.  Believe me; the adults will learn more from the children than what I could ever hope to teach them.   Children are born with just enough curiosity to find their answers, once they have them, they are satisfied.  They then realize that differences are a part of their environment and they get on with their business.

Hopefully, society will then see that everyone has a place in this world.  I want no talent wasted and no encounter lost.  I invite all of you to look at the faces of dwarfism, and join me by telling your friends too look as well.  They may be your neighbors, friends, or coworkers.  Soon you will stop seeing little people and start seeing those potential friends, neighbors and coworkers.  I know you’re curious, so ask any question you’d like.  I will try to answer it for you or help you to find the answer.  I don’t consider my child being born with something that needs to be cured or nursed along.  When you look, you will find how resilient he and other LP’s are.  He’s just small… that’s it.  He figures out his own way of doing things and does them.  He can be pretty efficient, more so than me at times.  So will you join us?

Please sign up as a “member of support”.  You may donate time, talent, prayers or anything else you’d like to our cause.  You could just leave a message, if you’d like. The first event will be in Chicago, planned for next spring, and is already in the works.  As plans stand currently, we are working on a sporting exhibition and events, and celebrity appearances and interviews.  The rest will be announced as plans are finalized.  We warmly thank you for your support and interest!

3 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Hello! What kind of things are you planning to do to celebrate Dwarfism Awareness month? Sorry if there’s a big post on that already but I couldn’t find it 🙂


    1. Hi, thanks for writing! My son is just starting to understand what it means to educate people. Wearing our T shirts and dwarfism awareness wristbands was a good start. He had decided it was a neat idea to give wristbands to others, at random. The looks on their faces are hard to explain, it starts as a kind of bewilderment followed by a genuine gratitude, like he was giving them a piece of his life. So I guess the answer is, exploring awareness and his role in it.

      —Dwarfism awareness wristbands can be found at or by contacting me. Any proceeds go to Little People of America —


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