It’s Worth Reading, Again.

As many of you know, it has been a long and difficult year for my son and I. We are visiting with family in southern Illinois, while I recover from an incident which happened last year.  For now, I ask that you take the time to reread some of the stories I’ve blogged here in the past.  They are definitely worth the reread!
To update you on Jax: He is doing well and as active as ever. His brain stem injury is healing very nicely, soon, it will be just a tiny scar. Outwardly, you wouldn’t notice he even had one. New issues arose with him as he complained of pain in his legs and back. Physical therapy took care of the back, but the legs needed attention.20140721_165520 He was diagnosed with spinal claudication. This is very different than the average stature version. You see, when you exercise, your blood vessels expand. Those with Achondroplasia have much less room in their spinal canal than we do, but their blood vessels are the same width. So exerting himself causes them to expand and press on the nerves which lead to the legs. Once he rests, they shrink and he is symptom free again.  No damage is done.  About 85-95% of Achons have claudication. In other words, for him this is normal. We are learning ways to help him adjust to this, and  minimize any pain or weakness.
For me, this was very good news. No new or unusual problems…just normal LP stuff! We do ask for your prayers as I get back on my feet and help him learn to live with this change in his body. Visit me on Twitter @Jenovesia for updates and photos.

Thanks to all! Your loyalty and support means so much!

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