Ask Jax

When I had asked people to send me their questions, I received quite a few which were addressed to Jax. I promised I would post them. So we sat down and went over a few of them. This is his Q & A:


“My name is Connor and I am 12 years old. I was wondering if you like sports and what sports do you play?”

Connor, yes I like some sports like soccer, basketball, and tag. I play them when I am with my LP friends. I tried basketball with the tall kids last summer, let’s just say it was the most terrifying moments of my life…


“Dear Jax, my brother is a dwarf with SED. He doesn’t swim very well and has to stay in the shallow end. I want to play with my friends in the deep end. What should I do? Also, do you swim well?  From Nicki”

Well, I think the first part is an easy answer: you should ask your friends to play in the shallow end or at least around it or see if your brother can take swimming lessons or use a “floatation device”. I can swim well under water; above water…uh, no.”


“This question is for Jax. Do you like being short?  Signed, Tanisha  Fourth Grade Pulaski Elementary School”

The good part about being short is I can hide well, I fit into places my friends can’t…(until I laugh and give myself away).  Because I am a Little Person, I get to climb on things. I am a great climber! The only thing that I don’t like about it is that some people make fun of me. Other than that, I really like being an LP.”


“Dear Jax,  My name is Kelsy.  Do you like horses because I have a Valentine I would like to send you and it has horses an it.”

….Um, I do like horses. My mom won’t let me give out my address. You can email a picture of it, though. Thank you very much.


“Dear Jax, You are a very sweet young man and I wish you all the best! I wanted you to know that no matter what anybody says, you are special!”

I know.


“Hi Jax, my name is Davin. There is a really short kid at my school. Some kids make fun of him and he sits alone at recess. I think he is nice, I mean, I play with him for a while but I really like kickball and he doesn’t run very fast, so now I don’t sit with him. Is that bad? Does that happen to you?”

Hi Davin. It is no fun to sit alone when all of the kids are playing. I sometimes bring a book or a note pad, (because I like to draw characters). A lot of times, the kids let me keep score or referee. I used to think they should play a game  that I can play, but I don’t think that anymore. That’s not fair, they should play what they want.


“Hi, Jax. My name is Ally. I am 10 years old and am an Achon. I was wondering if you like school and what do you do at LPA?”

Hi Ally. Well, right now I am homeschooled. I used to go to regular school also and I liked it. My favorite subject was science — -and recess.  I like homeschool too, we go a lot of places and see other kids who homeschool.  With LPA:  at regionals all the kids play around in the hotel lobby and the pool, and we have a dance. We can’t play around in the rooms because people are sleeping. I also see the doctor, not always, but sometimes.  Hey, maybe if you join LPA, I could meet you. You can ask more questions anytime!”


“Hi Jax. I wanted to know if you have a lot of friends. Are they all short like you? I also wanted to say that I think it is cool that you are that way!  You are probably a really nice kid.–From, Bryce.”

Thanks, Bryce. I have friends of all sizes. Some are older than me but shorter than me and some are younger than me but much taller. Most are my age and much taller.  My best friend, I only come up to his elbow!


“Your son seems like a very bright boy. Could you ask Jax what he wants to be when he grows up?”

I want to be an engineer, (scientist-inventor)!!!!!


A message from Jax:

Thanks everybody for writing to me, it was really nice! I couldn’t believe people would write to me and they don’t even know me. I wanted to say that being a Little Person is just what I am, I don’t think about it unless there is something I can’t reach–because someone has to help me then.  (My mom doesn’t let me climb at the stores.)  I didn’t know until my mom started this that people think  that way about Little People.  I don’t get it…we are just like everybody else.  I am really good at a lot of things, like laser tag and I think my friends don’t care how tall I am.  All of the other LPs I know, and I know A LOT, are very cool.  I wish everybody would be as nice as people are to me.  I want to go to college someday and be a scientist-inventor. And I will.  I also wanted to tell all of the other LPs out there that you should never be scared of what other people think. You should be yourself and you will have lots of friends. A lot of my friends are into sports and I am into Legos and video games and building stuff.  So what? Real friends care about who you are. Thank you.

From, Jax

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