Questions Answered 2


People are curious. It’s part of our nature. Thank you so much for sending your questions in!  Never be afraid to ask, for questions are a doorway to knowledge.  Thanks!


I think your son is beautiful! I also know people can be really mean. Do you ever get negative attention?
Keep up the great work!–Liz Q.

Thanks, Liz! People have been very kind. It is extremely rare for someone to be mean. Mostly, he gets attention which I don’t necessarily consider  to be mean. Yes,  people might stare or ask if he his a midget. I realize they are curious and not meaning to be cruel, so I explain nicely that we don’t use that word. (Since they are usually embarrassed, I tell them it’s all right, a lot of people don’t know, don’t feel bad.) They are usually more apt to ask more questions, including what they should call him…I usually say, I call him Jax…his name is Jax and he’s a Little Person.

Hi! How do you handle it if someone is obnoxious towards your kid?–Rachel

That’s a good question, one that a lot of new parents are prepared for early on. The best way to handle someone who may be offensive or obnoxious toward him is in a calm and kind manner. If I handle the situation with aggression, this teaches my child to do the same. If I am offended or angry or defensive, this could give my child the impression that something is wrong with him or that something about him needs defending. Children are very keen about our reaction towards them and others who observe them. I want to teach him that people will ask questions and it is a great opportunity to educate them.

Dear Jenn, We read your blog, please add more pictures! My question is: does he have any friends who are “little people”?—Tina and Faith

Hello Tina and Faith! Thanks for writing! The answer is yes! We belong to Little People of America, it is an organization just for persons of short stature and their families.  I am grateful to have been able to find this organization shortly after he was born. Through them, we have made so many friends. We have chapter meetings, where we all get together and have fun. We also have conferences twice per year for a larger group and a National Convention yearly in the summer. He has the opportunity to play with kids of all ages with a variety of types of dwarfisms. He absolutely loves it! 

Hi. Do you know how tall will your son will get?

Kind of, he is measured by his doctor and his growth is charted on a special graph for children with Achondroplasia. They can guess by the curve he follows. He should grow to be around 4’3″. Of course this could change.

Sia, love you on twitter! Do you have any other kids? Are they dwarfs too?–P. M.

P.M.: No, I don’t have any other children. If I did, the chances would be almost the same as you or anyone else having a child with dwarfism. I’ve seen the estimates between 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 40,000.

Thanks! I will post more questions and answers soon!

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