A Visit To The Doctor

I thank everyone for all of the wonderful words, questions, and thoughts sent our way.  I received many inquiries as to the outcome of my son’s doctor visit.  I wanted to let you all know how things went.

My son sees his doctor about every 18 months now. It becomes less and less as he gets older.  There is some concern with the narrowing of the spinal canal. This is called  Cervical stenosis.  An MRI will determine the extent of this and it will be monitored. The doctor was not terribly concerned about the tightness around his spinal cord at this point.  Our big worry would be if that increased in the future.  Then surgery would be involved.  He has had intermittent pain for several years, so we will make sure he exercises to keep his joints stable so they may support his body.   He will have further restrictions so he doesn’t have a serious injury.  This is normal for many Achons.  No football, dodge ball, roller coaster rides or things of that sort which could jostle him around or get him a nasty blow to the head because he is at an increased risk for severe injury or death.

The discrepancy of the length of his legs has increased. One leg is growing a bit faster than the other, and they will not even out.  He will wear an insert in one shoe for this and that will also continue to be monitored to make sure surgery isn’t needed. One leg is bowed, but the bowing has not increased significantly since his last visit.  That is good news.

The joints in his fingers and wrists are not operating well, they are unstable.  He will use a laptop or tablet for school rather than a pencil and paper.  Simple adjustments will be made around the house to make it easier for him at home.  He has requested a touch keyboard to continue piano lessons. This is something he enjoys doing, so I am happy to make that adaptation for him. Being able to use a keyboard rather than a full size piano will allow him to become better at what he wants to do.  Typing instead of writing will allow him to keep up at school and remain an honor student.  Adapting is the way we have always done things.  Finding the most efficient way of doing what you want to or need to do is the key to a successful life for anyone.

There were other findings which are less worrisome.  Everything in his exam were things to be expected with his type of dwarfism.  It is to what degree that is important.  The doctor also looks for anything unusual or anything which may be rare, but possible.  There was nothing like that.

I posted the story of the time before his birth first because, in comparison, these findings are not to bad.  Yes he has pain, and there are some things we need to keep an eye on, but he is pretty healthy and perfectly normal for an boy with Achondroplasia.

His piano teacher asked if he would have to stop piano lessons.  No. That is just not the way we roll.  We adapt.  All LPs adapt to the world because the world will not adapt to them.  Personally, I am always a little nervous before an appointment.  I am grateful once again for his health.  I am grateful that I have him in my life.

If any one has any questions, you know I am always happy to answer them!  I am not shy about this at all and there really are no sensitive subjects when it comes to helping people become aware of people of short stature.  It is important for me to educate people so they realize he and others like him are just like any one else.  He just does things differently and is a lot shorter.

Thanks for the love!


2 thoughts on “A Visit To The Doctor

  1. Loren, you could never offend me! Especially by speaking the truth! You have been a wonderful friend!
    I answer questions regularly about my child, it is no secret he is a dwarf, and I am grateful when people ask questions. I am here to educate.
    While persons with short stature are the norm for me, I am not so naive as to think it is that way for everyone. I wish it to be so. I would like people to know that short folks are just like them in most respects.
    The blatant truth is that Achondroplasia is a medical condition. There can be very severe problems which accompany it. The hidden truth, which I wish to bring to the public, is that is rarely hinders their determination and resulting success in the things they do on a daily basis. Health related restrictions are something they learn to work around by the time they reach adulthood; simply because it affects every aspect of their lives.
    Jax is a healthy Achon and we are very grateful for that! And yes, I do see him as perfect in every way because he is precisely who he was meant to be.
    Thank you for your love and friendship!


  2. Sia, as a mother I can certainly appreciate your determination and the unwavering love you have for your son and others who share in his ability. But I’m going to tell you something and I hope you don’t take it the wrong way because I’m not judging you or saying you shouldn’t continue your mission. I’m simply hoping you can just BELIEVE that he is in PERFECT HEALTH!! We become our thoughts, regardless of what doctors and specialists tell us, regardless of what tests “prove,” and regardless of what we are born into! TRUST in his body’s ability to be the PERFECT PERSON that he is. HE IS A DIVINE BEING, born with a direct purpose here on this earth. He is a “little” reminder of what is good and perfect in this world! Both he and you have left an indelible impression on my heart, and I am certain others feel the same way! Please do me a favor and say to yourself every single day “He is in PERFECT HEALTH” and believe in that! Love and blessings to you both!


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